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Saturday, March 13 2021

"Friday Night Lights" - Better Late Than Never!!!

Quickie update since we didn't do a full stream at 7pm. Have a few products going on the Printers, a Star Trek Voyager in the Prusa, another Trinket Box run in the Ender and another Moon Phase Clock in the GlowForge. Watch on Twitch too! - http://designcreations.design/  […]

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Friday, December 14 2018

Steel Baby!


Finally got the stainless steel appliances put in. And damn do they look nice! Switched out the electric range for a gas range too. Now We're Cooking With Gas!!!! Insert Tim Allen grunting sounds here!

Friday, December 15 2017

New Router


Upgraded my router today. Got an Asus RT-AC86U. So far I'm impressed. Configuration was simple. Features are nice and it appears to be pretty quick. Well at least as quick as my crappy internet service. Can't wait to upgrade that.   .