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Tuesday, November 2 2021

Ain't that a bitch!

Messing with my NAS I dropped a USB drive. Only about 10 inches but still enough to kill it. Today I got the idea to check the warranty.  Your Product Backup Plus Slim Model Number STHN2000400 Serial Number NAB3F1CW Warranty Expired September 13, 2021 The bitch about it, IF I checked the warranty  […]

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Saturday, September 18 2021

You Stupid EEEDIOT!!!

Ohhh, the Memories:    

Friday, May 28 2021

DMCA Asshatery

I got this in my email from Twitch: ************************************* We are committed to being more transparent with you about DMCA. We recently received a batch of DMCA takedown notifications with about 1,000 individual claims from music publishers. All of the claims are for VODs, and the vast  […]

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Wednesday, May 26 2021


What the Fuck is WRONG with this picture????   I mean I LOVE my Pastina and it cures everything, but they are out of their God Damned Fucking minds!!!!     Now THIS is a little more realistic! But the bitch about it is that it is from the SAME FUCKING PEOPLE!!!! THAT price I will pay for SIXTEEN  […]

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Sunday, May 23 2021

STOP THE ANNOYING ADS!!!!! On your Amazon Echo Show

If you have Amazon Echo Shows and are fucking tired of the constant barrage of annoying ads and "you should check this out!" bullshit. Have a gander at this video!    

Saturday, March 13 2021

"Saturday Night Live!" - A weee impromptu stream.

A look at some of the completed prints and some of the To Do prints. Watch on Twitch - http://designcreations.design/     BE AWARE- I did do some ranting about programmers and laziness and the sad state of affairs in the software development process lately. I know NOT ALL programmers are lazy and  […]

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Saturday, November 18 2017

Dummy Techs

We had to replace our modem this week. Been using LTE for the past few days, slow but useable. Well, anyhoo, I get a knock (a soft tap really) at the door, A Spectrum tech is standing there asking if my service is working. So I go check it, nope not working. He comes in fiddles with some things,  […]

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