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Monday, October 11 2021


That fucker is not gonna come down on my head again!  Got good steel wall anchors, mounts in the corners, sides and top/bottom. That bad boy is up there to stay!!!        

Monday, February 18 2019

New Patio!

20190212_145443 - Copy.jpg

A lot more work going on around here. This time on the outside. We had the patio extended 15 feet out and 13 feet across. Also poured a 5'x5' slab for a firepit. Even the front yard got a little bit of love. We are excited for the weather to get nice so we can fully enjoy the new patio. Lots of  […]

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Friday, December 14 2018

Steel Baby!


Finally got the stainless steel appliances put in. And damn do they look nice! Switched out the electric range for a gas range too. Now We're Cooking With Gas!!!! Insert Tim Allen grunting sounds here!

Wednesday, November 21 2018

And Done!


The project is done! Game over, man! Dining Room, Living Room (phase 1), Kitchen and Master Hallway are done! And I gotta say, they came out great! After the holidays we'll finish the rest of the living room, more wainscoting and the feature wall. Then get to the Guest Bathroom and the Secondary  […]

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Saturday, November 17 2018

A few more shots of the Busy Beaver's Handiwork.


Just a few more shots of the work. The mantle in the old yellow oak from the 90's: The mantle now with colors for the new millenium: The walnut made such a drastic difference. Much more deep and rich looking. Next up is a bit of decor. Nikki's plants and owls above her kitchen cabinets: Adds a nice  […]

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Finshed the kitchen backsplash last night. Came out looking pretty damn good. Broke up all the white and made the walls and cabinets pop. Once we get the rest of the stainless steel appliances things should look really nice. Next up is the dining room walls and living room.   Busy Busy Busy!

Saturday, September 1 2018

Working Hard or Hardly Working


We picked up Nikki's monitors and our chairs from my folks in Georgia last week. Her dual monitor stand came in today. We mounted her monitors and got her workstation setup. Here she is hard at "work". She even made a nice little hanging spot for her VR setup. She's so spoiled!   […]

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Friday, August 24 2018

Some More Decor


A project that we've had on the shelf for a few weeks has finally been completed. We added shelves to the Living Room and Dining Room. (Pardon the pun) The Dining Room shelves, two greyish white shelves above the side windows with some accent pieces on them. And then the Living Room shelves also  […]

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Wednesday, August 22 2018

Two More Rooms Down!


Finished the other two bedrooms last night. One is the "Guest" Room and the other is Nikki's Office. The Guest Room: A bit sparse for now but it's a start. Nice comfy bed though.   Nikki's Office: A red white and blue theme going on. Soon she'll have her computer set up on the desk with  […]

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Monday, August 13 2018

Kitchen On The Way!


We've done quite a bit of work refinishing the cabinets in the kitchen. New paint, new hardware and eventually a new backsplash. The old kitchen was a traditional 90's oak and white kitchen with, yes you guess it, brass hardware. As you can see very dated. After about a week's worth of painting and  […]

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Monday, August 6 2018

Busy Beavers


Yup, put up a few more lights. Even have a couple more ceiling fans too and a couple of smart switches to go. This was the old light in the dining room. And now the new and improved lighting: Forgive all the tools and boxes, we're still in a state of flux. Lots more unpacking to do. The poor Garage  […]

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Wednesday, August 1 2018

Ooooh, Upgrades!


Some more upgrading around the house going on. There was an old nasty looking dual brass can track light over the mantle of the fireplace. It had to go! As you can see replacing it was of the upmost importance. This of course gave Nikki an excuse to go shopping and a few days later and about an  […]

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Friday, July 27 2018



After about a year I again have my own space again. My Cave, My Domain, My Den, "Papa's Playroom!" Nice and cozy, almost finished, just gotta move the last of the boxes out and tidy a few things up over the next couple of weeks. I want to buy a new ceiling fan and move the current one into  […]

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Go Patriots!


With a new house comes the chance to show our pride! Gotta sport the Colors and represent, yo!.

Monday, July 16 2018

Finally Up And Done it!


Well if you haven't noticed it's been quite some time since I posted. A lot has gone on and not all of it good. Been quite a few ups and downs. Anyhoo, the big news is yes we finally moved into a house and of all places, Moore Oklahoma. Long story behind how we ended up here but I'll save you the  […]

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Sunday, January 14 2018

It's Official!

We made an offer on the house, had the inspection and began the paperwork frenzy. We close on February 2nd! The inspection went really well. No major problems were found. Just minor nit-pick items and simple sub $100 fixes that we can handle ourselves. In fact the Inspector said it was the best  […]

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Wednesday, January 10 2018

Busy... Busy... Busy... Again


For the past couple of weeks we've been in Georgia visiting family for the holidays. We've also been house hunting. We found a house we like now we're just dealing with loan officers and real estate agents. Unfortunately they all seem to be in no hurry to do anything. We put in calls but get no  […]

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Wednesday, November 29 2017

Onwards and Upwards

We've got some good news coming our way real soon. It's going to enable us to build a new home. We've been doing research on Steel Buildings and land in the local area. It's very possible we can pull it off. We've been busy planning and designing our "dream home" Lot's of back and forth,  […]

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