I did an Army Painter Gun Metal with a couple of drops of Army Painter Matte Black. I found that the Army Painter flows through my airbrush much better than the few Vallejo paints that I have.
t was still a bit too shiny and new looking, so I mixed some Army Painter Dark Tone wash with a drop or two of Army Painter Rough Iron. Added a it of flow improver and did a light "dusting" over
he whole model. I think it toned the overall shiny down a bit. for good measure and to keep some of the paint from rubbing/chipping off I did a coat of Rust-Oleum 2X Matte Clear coat.

I hand brushed the Black on the grips with some Crat-Smart Black Acrylic. I think it came out pretty decent. I didn't to a heavy coat because I wanted a sort of worn look. I'm thinking of either
using some Fleck Stone to get textured grips or using something like ground cork in the paint. Suggestions would be appreciated.