Woo-hoo, the 3D printers are back online! Been embroiled on a server project all month creating a 3D Virtual World. I moved some hardware around put the print server on a NUC with a 256GB SSD. (From one with two 2TB SSDs) So yeah, the migration was a bit of a headache. Fortunately, I saved my config directory that had all my settings, license and past print uploads. So, after a quick reboot and port config we are back baby!

I think the first project up, is the Colt from Supernatural. I already printed a "cruddy" version. But I spent $15 on Etsy for a really nice detailed one. All the scrollwork, wood-like grips, etc.

And what a way to start off resumption of printing that with a 4-hour, 37-minute print, lol.

I DO have the Seaview to get working on. Yes, I've been very unproductive, Hehe.