After my debacle with the airbrush I "ordered" from Amazon, they sent me a 100foot LED Light Strip and a Dumpster Fire piggy bank. WTF??? Anyhow, I kept the LED lights, got them around my workshop. Really cool when they get going with the music.

So, I decided that I was going to find an airbrush purely based on reviews and not price. I found an airbrush that had a 4.5 rating with 159 rates. So I decided, wht the hall and got it. After all it was only $20 and I didn't mind spending that much on a failure since I'm already down about $300 on two crap brushes and a non delivery.

I fired it up tonight, was able to get the pressure down to BELOW 20psi, adjusted the trigger "tension", thinned out my paint as I tested the flow on a biz card, got it to where I thought it would do and went to town.

OMG, I was REALLY impressed! As I was going I'd adjust the pressure and tension on the fly and I was getting a nice even flow. No spittle, no boogers, NOTHING that I was having with the $60 dollar Master Airbrushes.

Now I just have to work on technique, the right mix and exercise my fingers on my old beat up hands to hold the trigger long enough to paint a model. LOL

Yes, it's a bit of a weird shade, but not outside the realm of what I've seen on the battlefield in real life. Sometimes the CARC paint on top of a green base can give ya this sort of pinkish tan. Anyone ever see "Operation Petticoat"? :wink: