Yup, been quiet lately.

I've been working on a couple of IT projects.

All our phone lines go through MagicJack for Business. It has been costing us a small fortune each month just to have scammers and bill collectors tie up our lines.

Hell, one company was calling up to 60 times a day!!!

We decided to get rid of MJB. But I have like $1000 is phone equipment. Somehow I stumbled onto FreePBX.

This is a Linux based OS that connects to a SIP Provider to provide Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Which is basically what MJB is.

So after a bit of research I found that I can use my current equipment, get MORE services and numbers for WAAAAY less than what MJB was charging me.

And since I run the server I am in control! Of course, don't let the name FREE confuse you. It DOESN'T provide free phone service. You DO need a SIP provider in order for it to all work.

But like I said, going directly through a SIP trunk running your own PBX service can save you a BUNDLE! Of course there are different plans; by the minute and fixed. IF you have a HIGH volume

you are certainly going to want to find a SIP provider that has fixed rates. Otherwise you could see your savings go out the window. One person I was talking to on Discord showed me a snapshot of their

monthly costs. He had a per minute plan and had about 300 calls a month plus faxing. His average monthly per minute costs were less than $10 a month!!!! I would say that is QUITE a savings!

It DID take me quite some time to install and configure FreePBX, several sleepless days to be honest. But thanks to a series of videos I was able to wade through it all.

You can either run FreePBX on premise (IF you have a good and stable internet connection, both download and upload) and it helps to have a static IP and ports 80 and 443 UNBLOCKED at your ISP.

You can also use Digital Ocean, Vultr or even Amazon AWS. I would only use Amazon AWS if you have the volume need for a lot of servers because AWS IS rather expensive. We just migrated from

Digital Ocean to Vultr. They both run a similar setup but I found that Vultr has MUCH more capabilities and allows for custom ISO uploads. Do and Vultr cost about the same each month. I do want to

add that Vultr allows your to set up Reverse DNS for your machines. MUCH needed if you run your own email and don't want your emails bouncing or dropping into SPAM.

So everything is running, DC has a new set of working numbers and EoM has inherited DC's old numbers. Yup, we ported our MJB numbers over. This week I am also going to port over our home number as well.

We WILL have to get an Analog Telephone Adapter to plug the main base handset into. But that will turn the analog cordless phone system into a SIP capable set of phones. That will cost a measly $40 or so.

So now I have ALL THREE of the MJB phones running and will shortly have the home phones up too!

Yup, I would say DEFINATELY a good use of several sleepless days worth of work!  ;-)

BTW, we use Telnyx for our SIP provider. VERY easy to set up and VERY responsive and friendly Tech Support!!! Use the Telnyx Link to check it out for yourselves. If you sign up you get an instant $10 credit. With that you

CAN setup a few numbers and get going right away. You can test the system, your phones and even SoftPhones with NO initial setup costs. Of course that is assuming you have VoIP hardware and SoftPhones already AND

you don't chew through the free $10 setting up a bunch of numbers, lol.

Oooooh, I do have to add, "rolling our own" has allowed me to program EACH ONE of our phones will ALL of our numbers, yup, that's DC's, EoM's and the home phone. With MJ and MJB only ONE phone could be used per line.

So multiple lines, multiple phones. Nickel and Diming you I tell ya!