Well, I have to say being a HAM has come in handy beyond Rag Chewing and listening for bad weather.

I was merrily printing along on my 3D printer when it started to throw errors. A little bit of futzing around and I found that the bed wasn't heating up.
So here I am ready to contact the company and invoke a warranty. Then I thought, wait a minute, I'm a bit familiar with electronics and circuits. When
I was little my Uncle used to get me those spring loaded electronic kits (Thanks Uncle Steven!!!). Ya know, the build you own AM receiver, LED count-down,
etc etc. And back when they used to teach such things in school I knew enough about circuits, wiring voltages and what not that I was confident I could
igure out what was going on.

Sooo, I break out the rarely used multi-meter (I'm still learning it) and thanks to an Elmer back in Texas , a link shared to me here a while back and a quick
YouTube video I opened up the case and begun exploring. First thing was to check the heater terminals, yup, they were putting out the required 24V at the
board. Ok, on to the bed, Nada! OK, as the Elmer back in Texas showed me while trouble shooting a faulty antenna wire, I refreshed my memory on continuity
and checked each wire from the bed to the terminal. Good on Black, nothing on Red. Ok, now I know I have a continuity issue. So a little bit of zip-tie clipping,
unraveling the red lead I clipped the last 1/4 inch off the bed side and tested the wire directly one end to the other. WooHoo continuity!

Ok, feed the wiring back into the sleeve and now here comes the hard part. I CAN'T SOLDER FOR SHIT!!! So with my poor eyes, shaky hands I was able to get
enough solder on the bed side to get a good if somewhat ugly connection!

Unfortunately such basics are being lost in the younger generations. Everyone is so hooked into video games, smart phones, and YouTube influencing that basic
troubleshooting skills are being forgotten! It is RARE these days when you call a support line (the FEW that still exist) that you get someone who has enough
knowledge and critical thinking skills to solve the issue. If it isn't on a prewritten script, decision tree or handy-dandy-tool they have NO clue what to do and
usually kick you on up to some old crusty tech in a dark dank basement somewhere who still possess the needed skills.

So, a little pat on my back, disaster averted and I'm back to printing! ;-)