Welp, I screwed the pooch with the hot end on the Ender 3 Max. Stripped out the threads for the nozzle. FORTUNATELY a new drop in place complete hot end is only $20. I could go the $10 route and get a bunch of heat blocks and heat breaks. BUT that means trying to get the thermistor and heater coil out of the old heat block. Since they are kinda gooey with old plastic it is easer to just get the new drop in and plug it all in. That is what I like about the Creality hot ends versus the V6 on the Prusa. It is so simple in design and cheap to replace. Sure the V6 is more accurate BUT it is a right bitch to work on. Too many parts and you need like 5 hands to just do a nozzle change. With the Creality you just use a 1/4 drive screwdriver and twist. BUT you do have to be careful how much force you use to thread on a new one.