Ok, it is a goofy ass name but it is an AWESOME software package manager.

It's call Chocolatey. You can get it at https://chocolatey.org/ .

It is sort of like the Linux apt, yum, pacman and dnf commands. Choco allows you to search a repository for different apps, install them with a single command or click.

Chocolatey then keeps the programs up to date with just a few simple clicks inside of one interface rather than scouring the net for updates for those apps that don't do auto updates.

One of the best things is that you can setup a PC, then export the package list for replication on other PC's or for a quick "unattended" reinstall after a mishap.

To install requires some simple copy and paste into an Administrative Power Shell. Two quick commands, then you can hunt for apps to you heart's content.

Once you have a selection, you can export the list of apps for another install with another simple command.

And YES, there is a GUI that you can use once  the initial command line commands are done.