Finally got it all printed save a couple of internal parts for the slide. I ended up reprinting the Frame and Slide. I was just not happy with the initial quality and the way the trades engraved. So I went into 3DS Max and added the trades. I TRIED to get a much higher resolution where the trades would have been really crisp and clear but I just couldn't get good bed adhesion with the filament. Either it is too humid in here or I still have to play around some of the settings. Each part would have been at least a 2 day print, EACH.

Now it's on over to Nikki for priming and painting.



A better view of the trades. Not a 100% happy, but so far it's good for a first try.

And there is a bit of layer separation in some parts. That could have been caused by the spool binding up now and then. Tends to happen near the end of the spool.