If you thought 2020 was a shitty year, the next four are going to be full of confusion, lies, backstabbing and political wheeling and dealing and self-serving agendas only profitable to the "career politicians".

Our Veterans and Servicemembers are once again going to be low-man on the totem pole. Our benefits are going to be whittled away just like they were in 2008-2016.

Our Law Enforcement Officers are going to have to beg for every scrap they can get while seeing their support from a government that is SUPPOSED to be supporting them turn AGAINST THEM. They will have to watch their backs from BOTH the criminals and the governments!

Our parents and grandparents generations made their voices heard. But there just wasn't enough of them.

My generation, we dropped the ball. We've become too complacent, too uninvolved. We have been just "riding the train" doing our own thing and just letting things happen and just going with the flow. Yes, it's our fault!

The Millennials, yes they made this happen. They made the bed and now they will have to lie in it. Don't come bitching to us when your rights and freedoms become so muddled and limited that it gets to the point that you are told when you can go somewhere. What to wear (Masks anyone?), your paychecks dwindle because your taxes increased in order to fund that program to assist the illegal immigrant or the "refugee" who is getting free food, free housing, free education, job placement, tax incentives; yet you are still tied to a massive student loan, "make too much money" to qualify for food or rent assistance, are being fined each year because you can't afford health insurance yet your employer found a loophole in the system that makes it possible for them to either offer you shitty insurance at high cost or offer no benefits at all. (Obama anyone?)

All you academics, "sports heros", actors ... y'all can go to hell. You all live in a world of fiction. Protected by those who use your money and "influence" to serve their agendas.

The next time a Servicemember gives you a pained look and turns their back on you, remember, you got what you wanted.

The next time it takes a cop 2 hours to get to you after you've been robbed, raped or God knows what; remember you got what you wanted.

The next time a Firefighter or Medic shows up and they are somewhat distracted because they are also watching THEIR backs because suddenly they aren't Heroes anymore, they are TARGETS too, they are just trying to be safe while attending TO YOU possibly in one of the most hazardous environments possible at YOUR request.... don't bitch at them, remember, you got what you wanted.

If during the next four years you become hated and isolated by the Common Sense holding people of America and YOUR government ass-rapes you, remember YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANTED!


The rest of us, we're going to carry on with our lives, we are going to exercise our rights while we still have them. And if this shit gets out of control, you can damn well bet on the fact that we WILL take a stand and make things right! (Declaration of Independence, Boston Tea Party, Revolutionary War, American Civil War, anybody remember?)