Some more upgrading around the house going on.

There was an old nasty looking dual brass can track light over the mantle of the fireplace. It had to go!


As you can see replacing it was of the upmost importance. This of course gave Nikki an excuse to go shopping and a few days later and about an hour's worth of work the new fixture was up and ready.


Mo' Betta! I still need to trim the mounting screws when I get a good cutting bit for my dremmel. They are a bit long and look a bit unsightly.

The lights are three 40 watt equivalent LED GU10 bulbs that are dimmable. I have them hooked up to a TP-Link smart switch that allows me to control it via an app and with our Amazon Echo by voice. Nice to be able to turn on the lights as I walk in the door just by talking to it. ;-)