This morning I went down and took my Amatuer Radio Operators Exam. A 35 question test on FCC regualtions, radio operation, antenna theory, electronic components and theory, etc.You need to get at least 26 correct to pass. I missed 1 Question. ;-) So, yup, I passed my exam, 34 out of 35. That was about average for the folks taking the test today. So in about a week I should have my offical FCC callsign and will be able to transmit on the airwaves. Yay me!

This is something I've always wanted to do and achieve. When I was younger I never really had the funds, transportation, support or time to do it. And then there was that pesky Morse Code requirement. TAt some point the FCC came out with the no-code technician level, but then I had the transportation, but no time or funds. In 2007 they dropped the Morse Code requirement completely and now I have the time, funds and transportation as well as support. So I finally up went and did it!