We had to replace our modem this week. Been using LTE for the past few days, slow but useable.

Well, anyhoo, I get a knock (a soft tap really) at the door, A Spectrum tech is standing there asking if my service is working. So I go check it, nope not working. He comes in fiddles with some things, says it's connected but I'm still not getting anything. No i-net what so ever. So we go through changing cables, unplugging and replugging, hooking up the old Sagemcom Router, etc etc. Nothing!

I get another knock at the door. Figure it's another tech. Nope FedEx. Here's the new modem. So I tell the tech, "This should fix the problem" and hand him the new modem. He puts it down and continues to fiddle with the old modem and cables. Hey I've got time on my hands, I'm retired. So I play along.

About another 30 mins of fiddling and waiting on hold with his Tech Support, he finally unpacks the new modem, hooks it up. Then goes into the account and learns that the old modem is not provisioned. But the new modem is. I refresh a webpage, get the Spectrum registration site, enter in the info and boom I'm up and running.

He tells me he was only supposed to check the outside and mumbles something. I nod and point him to the door.

Now I go back, unhook the shitty spectrum router, plug in my Asus and fix all my cables and I'm back in business! I've only been doing this since 1984.

Damn dummy techs. :-P~