Monday, December 20 2021

All Quiet on The Western Front!

Yup, been quiet lately. I've been working on a couple of IT projects. All our phone lines go through MagicJack for Business. It has been costing us a small fortune each month just to have scammers and bill collectors tie up our lines. Hell, one company was calling up to 60 times a day!!! We decided  […]

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Thursday, November 11 2021

Chocolatey Goodness!!!!!

Ok, it is a goofy ass name but it is an AWESOME software package manager. It's call Chocolatey. You can get it at . It is sort of like the Linux apt, yum, pacman and dnf commands. Choco allows you to search a repository for different apps, install them with a single command  […]

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Tuesday, November 2 2021

Ain't that a bitch!

Messing with my NAS I dropped a USB drive. Only about 10 inches but still enough to kill it. Today I got the idea to check the warranty.  Your Product Backup Plus Slim Model Number STHN2000400 Serial Number NAB3F1CW Warranty Expired September 13, 2021 The bitch about it, IF I checked the warranty  […]

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